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With our facial masks you can remove all the impurities you have on your face, moisturize, nourish, repair, purify, revitalize, etc.

But we not only have face masks. Also, we have masks to moisturize and repair the hair. All of them have the properties of olive oil because they are basically made from extra virgin olive oil.

Face masks

The face mask is a cosmetic product used as an ideal complement to the daily beauty routine. Our face masks have many benefits for all types of skin that exist.

Facial mask according to skin type

As usual, depending on the type of skin you have, you will need to use a specific mask for your skin. The use of each face mask is determined by each mask and the additives they use to improve your skin.

For dry skin

It is highly recommended to specifically use masks that are highly moisturizing.

For skin with acne

In cases where the skin has acne, it is recommended to use acne masks with a soothing and purifying character.

For skins with redness

The use of masks that are mainly moisturizing and with soothing properties is highly indicated.

For skin with spots

Recommended the use of facial masks that adequately unify the color and tone of your skin.

For aged skin

In the case of presenting aged skin either by excessive exposure to the sun or by effects of age, masks are used mainly with antioxidant agents that light and moisturize the skin extensively.

Method to apply a facial mask correctly

When you buy any of our face mask, you must perform the appropriate method to successfully and correctly apply the product. So to start it is appropriate to perform a good hand wash to have them clean and toned.

It is also advisable to previously exfoliate the skin where the mask is going to be applied, in this way the complexion is more exposed to enhance its effects.

Once the skin dries, start applying the mask in a homogeneous way and letting it act on its own in the following minutes (the time is indicated of the mask you buy).

When the time is over, it is time to rinse the remains with warm or warm water and now you can continue with the application of the rest of cosmetic products you use in your daily beauty routine.

Hair masks

Hair masks is an extra to effectively strengthen the hydration of the scalp. With the hair mask you will be able to favorably improve the texture of the hair, the resulting softness is very pleasant and we will also protect our hair from external agents and damages.

It is advisable to use the hair mask on a regular basis, although initially it is good to start applying it in two or three sessions a week and then reduce the application to a single once a week.

How the hair mask is applied

Before starting the routine of applying your hair mask, you must have previously used the shampoo and conditioner. Subsequently, the hair is dried by removing the rest of the moisture that may be present with a towel.

Now it is time to know the application time that will depend on the mask for the hair you have bought, but as a general rule it is recommended to follow the guidelines of the laboratory that has manufactured the mask, as a rule the application times are about five minutes to twenty minutes maximum

Remember that prolonging the time of the mask on the hair for long periods such as at night while you sleep, can achieve the opposite effect and make your hair dirty.

Application moisturizing mask on short and long hairs

The method to apply a hair mask will depend on your hair and the length of it, that is to say, the way to use the product can vary in mode throughout your hair.

For long hair

It is advisable to use the mask progressively starting at the ends and continuing towards the middle of the hair, gently and consistently.

For short hair

If you have short hair, the scalp mask should only be applied on the ends. Remember that you should not come into direct contact with the root under any circumstances.