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Gluten free and lactose free

Gluten free and lactose free products

Buy gluten-free foods suitable for celiacs, buy lactose-free foods for lactose intolerance. We present our gluten-free and lactose-free foods so that everyone can enjoy the best Extremaduran products. We work so that celiac people can buy products from Extremadura without risks to any intolerance.

Talking about gluten-free and lactose-free foods is a serious issue in any field, even when it comes to giving.

Some people develop a high sensitivity to some foods, because they suffer from a condition of the immune system, in which they cannot consume gluten because it damages their small intestine.

No doubt anyone with this condition will be very grateful if we give them products that they can enjoy without affecting their health.

In we know the importance of offering our distinguished clientele gluten-free products, also lactose-free for your greater peace of mind when giving away.

Buy gifts for coeliacs

If you think that buying gifts for people with celiac condition is very complicated, then! You're wrong!! It is easier and simpler than you imagine.

Our virtual shop is a specialist in the art of gifting and we can help you, we have at your disposal a wide variety of various sweet and savory gourmet products that people with this condition can taste and enjoy.

Buying gifts for coeliacs has never been so easy, from the comfort of your home or office you can choose and select from our Extremaduran gourmet products that are made with the highest quality materials and that will not leave you bad as they will fascinate you.

Enter our gallery and choose the gluten-free and lactose-free gourmet products that you like best and that fit your budget.

Christmas baskets for coeliacs

Giving away baskets of products at Christmas time is a tradition in many places, but if the person you want to surprise is gluten or lactose intolerant? Quiet! Here we have the solution to make your gift a success!

In Gourmet Gifts, we have prepared many Christmas baskets with super delicious gourmet products especially for the enjoyment of people allergic or intolerant to gluten and lactose.

Do not look any further! If you want it is to give a gluten-free Christmas basket, we have it! All you need to buy to surprise that special person this Christmas we have here at for you.

Christmas baskets gluten free company

We agree with you that giving away baskets of delicious gourmet products is a great incentive to show how much you value the staff that works for you.

But we cannot leave out those valuable workers who have the condition of being celiac or lactose intolerant.

Do not worry, for us they are also important, that is why we have a whole section of delicious products that we can suggest to assemble your basket.

Contact us through our virtual shop and we will gladly help you select what best suits your circumstances and budget.