Cured loin of pork bellota (acorn-fed) (in vacuum)
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Cured loin of pork bellota (acorn-fed) (in vacuum) Loin mades with pure bred iberian pigs with a saddle handmade process and natural seasonings. The pigs from which are born and raised on pasture, feeding on roots freedom, wild plants and acorns during the acorn. It is a noble piece of grease seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic and natural spices with 42,50€/kg.
Iberian ham D.O Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain)
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Iberian ham D.O Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain) Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain). It´s the best bait ham. Nature Iberian, this product is a jewel of haute cuisine. Unique pieces, carved in the solitude of the winery from pigs reared in freedom of the pasture, a ham exceptional high quality supported by their label DO Dehesa de Extremadura. D.O. protected and recognized by the EU to certify the origin and quality of the hams and shoulders. The weight of this ham is between 6 and 8.5 kg approx. 35.07€/kg
Magnesium Carbonate
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Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium carbonate is essential for calcium absorption in bones and set the teeth enamel. For its moisture absorbing properties, is also used as a mild laxative, as volunen increases and decreases the stool consistency.Presentation: Bottle of 100 gr.
Iberian ham of bellota (acorn fed) boned and polished (in vacuum)
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Iberian ham of bellota (acorn fed) boned and polished (in vacuum) Iberian ham of bellota. Also, it's boneless, polishing and vacuum packaging. This product is polished outer rind and fat, by feeding on acorn, in the composition of oleic acid predominates ham, olive oil characteristic. It's rich in vitamins and minerals: Provides folic acid and vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E. Calorie diets: 50 grams of Iberian ham contribute only about 150 kilocalories. 46.05€/kg
Sevebrau "Serona Strong Ale" Beer
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Sevebrau "Serona Strong Ale" Beer Awarded the gold medal at the CICA (International Craft Beer Competition) Type of beer: Strong Ale.Country: Spain.ABV: 6.8%IBUS: 30Appearance: Brown color.Aroma: Mal.Taste: Mild bitterness nicely integrated.Format: 33 clIt's ideal with meat dishes and ideal for pairing with roast lamb.