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110 Pai Pai with Organza Bag and Personalized Card | Event Gifts
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Pai Pai for Weddings, with Organza Bag and Card Detail for ladies, guests, guests at weddings, details for major events and fairs. There are many situations in which you can give these Pai pai to your guests, clients or friends in meetings. This pack is composed of: 110 Country Country: Usually shipped in assorted colors. 110 Organza bags: elegant, semi-transparent in white. 110 Custom Cards: Suitable for any type of event.

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In this section of our online store, you can create the wedding packages to your liking, choosing the products you want to incorporate for your details, you must take into account and add the organza bag, linen bag, trunk or case where you want present the pack

If you have any questions about whether your chosen product or products fit and enter the bags or cases you have chosen, you can ask us without obligation by phone, email or by our chat in our store, or if we see that it is not the bag or If appropriate, we will contact you to change it for another one in which your presentation is optimal for your detail.