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For teachers

Original gifts for teachers.

For making things easy for you, for trusting in your possibilities, for your infinite patience, for challenging you to be better, that you get it and help you grow. For all these reasons, you will be grateful for all the efforts that teachers have put in you. Therefore, it is no surprise that every year the gifts are given to the children's teachers as a thank you.

The gift of the teacher is already a world tradition. They spend many hours of their day teaching and spend almost more time with your children than yourself. There are opinions of all kinds in terms of giving a gift to the teacher, there are those who are in favor of doing so and those who are not, but we must recognize that teachers are an important piece for students of all ages

What is sought with the gift is that they have a good memory of the class and the parents' gratitude for having accompanied their children throughout the course.

The most original details for teachers and teachers

Gifts for original, classic, serious, strict, fun, practical, current teachers… whatever the teacher the gift is intended for, in this section you will find the perfect gift for him or her, because we have gifts of all kinds of styles and, of course, of all prices, check out and take ideas.

There is nothing more successful than giving away a basket of our delicious Extremaduran products and a good gourmet pate or a bottle of wine.

These types of details are already a classic, especially for teachers of secondary and high school students. When the class is for children, especially for children or primary school, it seems more appropriate to give some crafts or something more emotional. In the higher courses, the simplest and most direct gratitude is sought, so it seems better to give a good wine for example.

Are these gifts only for teachers?

No, these are original and unusual gifts among the teachers of the school that usually have a wide collection of boring, repeated bracelets and that will be super forgotten although with these gifts you know they will be left with a good taste.

These gifts are a good idea when you don't know what to give to a driving school teacher, a music teacher, a dance teacher, a university teacher, an elementary teacher, a physical education teacher ... For all the teachers and teachers who accompanied you throughout your student life.