Mix of cheese matured (Big)
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Mix of cheese matured (Big)

Manchego Mix Cheese

Pasteurized cow and sheep milk cheese.Its palate is soft with fresh milk aroma. Its texture is creamy on the palate.

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Hilario ripened Manchego mix cheese

Mix cheese pasteurized cow's milk and sheep.

Smooth palate with fresh milk aroma. Creamy texture on the palate.

This type of cheese is very nutritious and recommendable.

It's a consumer cheese that "like young and old"

Cheese good view, good smell, good taste and good touch, neither too soft nor too hard, "in point".

Cheese with which you can make lots of recipes.

Weight: 3,250 kg aprox.

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3.30 kg
2020-06-01 20:43:33
Premiere fois que je le commande, tres bon fromage
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