Box Rabitos Royale caramel-flavored bonbons

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Box bombon with milk with flavour with candy salty.

Box with 9 bombons of fig Rabitos Royale. The bonbon with milk with fig. Inside 40% stuffed with milk and flavour of  candy salty

This is a perfect gift, so it is a popular marque. We has selectioned the best fig from the mediterranean area recoat of the perfect layer of chocolat.


  • Bombon/ box: 9
  • Weight: 142 g

Whitout gluten

2020-05-14 09:43:43
Sabor peculiar y muy rico. Envasados individualmente
Purchased products: Box Rabitos Royale caramel-flavored bonbons Large lot Gourmet for a gift
2018-01-10 12:54:39
Bombones originales para regalar. Están buenísimos en cualquier variedad.
Purchased products: Chocolate Fig Bon Bons Stalks white chocolat 9 units for gift Box Rabitos Royale caramel-flavored bonbons