Tricalcium Phosphate
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Tricalcium Phosphate

Tricalcium Phosphate

The tricalcium phosphate is a rich source of phosphorus and calcium. Also, it is very important for the assimilation of calcium by the bones. It also helps to regulate the acidity and increases the activity of antioxidants. Powder is used to prevent clumping.

How to use: It is advisable to take a tablespoonful dissolved in yogurt, milk or juice.

Presentation: Jar of 570 grams.

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What is tricalcium phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate is a rich source of phosphorus and calcium. In addition, it is very important for the assimilation of calcium by the bones. It also helps regulate acidity and increases the activity of antioxidants. It is used in powder to avoid the formation of lumps.

Uses of tricalcium phosphate

It is often used by our clients in a really effective way to regulate heartburn, perfect ally after meals or copious dinners typical of wedding events, communions or baptisms after the great banquet and the excesses that occur.

It is also used in a general way for baking powder, it improves the bread substantially, reinforcing the activity of its own antioxidants in the flour and it is also a stabilizer in vegetables that are canned.

The use in products with dust, its use reduces and avoids that they form grumitos.

The importance and benefits of tricalcium phosphate

This product combines the phosphate and calcium pads, which can be found in the natural state and are essential for the human body and its daily functioning. It is a mineral by definition safe to use and consume.

Tricalcium phosphate has to do with healthy teeth and bones, with the bloodstream and the health of our cells. This mineral effectively allows the reconstruction and strengthening of bones.

Recommended daily dose of tricalcium phosphate

The dose to ingest admitted for this or another form of phosphate is about 70mg per kg of your own body weight. Consumption of this dose or lower helps our bones reach the proper strength and that is lost over the years.

Recommended for people of juvenile and adult age, with back pain, construction workers, masons, delivery people and anyone who does a work of effort in which the impact on the bones is constant.

Also recommended for high impact athletes such as runners or runners, footballers, basketball players and other sports.

Buy tricalcium phosphate

We have tricalcium phosphate powder in two formats. Format of boat 570 gr and in a 25 kg bag.

Buy quality tricalcium phosphate online, processed efficiently and that retains all its capabilities to nourish bones and teeth.

A safe acquisition, take care of your body and make your bones strong and strong for tomorrow, have a second youth in your old age and continue to enjoy your days, in the company of your family, grandchildren and friends.

It is important to consume it frequently so that the benefits are longer in your health and wellbeing.

Characteristics of tricalcium phosphate in a boat of 570 gr

  • Chemical formula Ca3 (PO4) 2
  • Appears in the positive list regarding additives under E-341 (iii)
  • Prevents calcium deficiency in the body for osteoporosis among others
  • Net weight 570 gr
  • Format canister glass container
  • Contribution or recommended daily dose of 70 milligrams per kg of your body weight

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