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Cheap gourmet gift box

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A selection of practical products that we all consume, a detail to give as a gift in any commitment or celebration.

Characteristics of each product of the case:

  • Olive oil (250ml): Extra virgin olive oil made from a careful selection of the best olives from Caceres, resulting in a high quality oil, is presented in a beautiful tin with 250 ml of oil.
  • Holm oak and oak (1 / 2kg): Honey made by hand, is produced by bees that save the oak and oak flower in natural areas of Sierra de Gata, is packaged in a glass jar of 1/2 kg.
  • Blue cheese cream (110g): Glass jar with 110 grams of blue cheese cream.
  • Goat cheese cream (100g): Glass jar with delicious cream of goat cheese, the jar contains 110 grams of cheese.
  • Sheep cheese cream (110g): Serena cake cream in glass format, a small tasting of one of the most exclusive products of Extremadura, the jar contains 110 grams.
  • Small gift box: Gift box with decorative grass to place the products and prevent them from moving or suffering any damage.

        * Dimensions: Width: 8.5 cm / Length: 19.5 cm / Height: 34 cm.

NOTE: You can personalize the gift by adding a note or message to the recipient.

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