Pack 15 Backpacks + 15 Puzzles wit + 15 pencils
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Pack 15 Backpacks + 15 Puzzles wit + 15 pencils

Gift pack for birthdays, communions

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Gift set for the little ones in the house

Lot composed mainly of 15 backpacks with ropes to facilitate the closure, it is duffel bag with a black and white children's drawing, ready for the little ones to color it giving them life and color.

Measures of backpacks for coloring:

Each backpack has its pack 4 of waxes

In addition, the pack includes 15 puzzle puzzles, so that the little ones develop all kinds of skills.

The pack also includes 15 flexible colored pencils, so that they can color everything that falls into their hands and give them every imaginable shape, since the pencil runs away from the traditional stiffness of the pencils, and is composed of pvc and granite, It allows enormous flexibility.

The colors of the pencils are sent randomly, all of them being black granite.

Pack price:

  • 15 backpacks for coloring with set of 4 colored waxes
  • 15 ingenuity puzzles
  • 15 pencils.

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