Gift pack 30 rondux games + 30 set flexible pencils + 30 set erasers
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Gift pack 30 rondux games + 30 set flexible pencils + 30 set erasers

Fabulous pack of children's gifts for all kinds of events, 90 units

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Original and economical pack of 90 units of children's gifts for birthdays, communions, weddings

Your child's birthday is coming, and you still don't know what gift to give to your classmates? Do you have a wedding or communion or any event with children's guests and have not thought about what to give them? We can help you, we present a magnificent, original and economical pack of children's gifts to give, consisting of: 30 Games of skills Rondux, a fantastic game, so that the little ones begin to develop the skills, this game consists of making turn the tube with your hand, and stop it interspersed, these games are of varied colors.

30 Flexible Pencils, a great set of flexible pencils, of varied colors, and that the kids can manipulate at will, fleeing the traditional and rigid pencils of a lifetime.

30 set of erasers A gift for the little ones super fun, it is 4 erasers in the form of a book, of different colors very cheerful. The 4 gummies come in a mini cardboard display in white. It is a very original detail to give to friends at birthday parties or even in communions, baptisms or weddings.

⭐Give the little ones this great lot for birthdays or special celebrations, it will be a success. Visit our shop window by clicking on our Deliex brand delights of Extremadura to see all our offer in gifts for children's parties for schools, birthdays, cups, backpacks, gums, pencils etc and much more for children to play and learn.

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