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Bottle of wild asparagus green 560 gr

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Bottle of wild asparagus green 560 gr


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Bottle of wild asparagus green 560 gr

It is handcreafted and tinned food vegetal. Plate gourmet from Perú for do les delight in your kitchen.

The asparagus got property very good for our body, it is a great way for to get folic acid and vitamine B, this is necessary for to create the new cell.

Too, so is very good for the women in the age fertile. The folic acid before and during the preganancy can prevent congenital defect.

The asparagus is a un vegetal with property for rejuvenate for you maintaing strong and young during more time.

  • Container of crystal
  • Clear weight: 560 gr
  • Drained weight: 315 gr.
2017-12-03 10:23:54
Buena calidad y prácticamente se utiliza todo el espárrago.
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