Honey of cane (1kg)
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Honey of cane (1kg)

A success for many cooking dishes.

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Pure cane honey:

Unlike honey, molasses is obtained from sugarcane. In terms of texture, the two types of honey are very similar, but cane has a much darker, almost black color. Of course, this gourmet product has a sweet taste and leaves a slight bitter taste on the palate that is not at all unpleasant.

As for the benefits it brings to health, it should be noted that molasses is a great source of energy for the body and helps treat anemia or constipation. Cane honey is perfect for preventing heart problems as it balances the blood pressure.This natural honey is also used as an appetite stimulator, especially in children, and, of course, we must not forget that it improves digestive health.It is a honey very rich in magnesium, to strengthen bones, in iron, to fight anemia and vitamin B.

Finally, this wonderful gourmet product has multiple uses in the kitchen, as it gives our dishes a special touch.


Our cane honey is presented in a 1kg glass jar.

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1 kg
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