Fig bread 200 gr
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Fig bread 200 gr

Buy Fig Bread 200 gr

4 bars of 50 gr.
True Fig Bread

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Fig bread buy in 200 gr format

4 bars of 50 gr.

An Extremaduran delicacy that is now at your fingertips.

Fig bread where to buy?

In our online store, you can buy the best fig bread in the entire market, of incredible quality.

100% natural

Fig bread of Arab origin is a typical dessert in Spanish gastronomy. The fig bread "Gourmet Salguero" is a product with natural ingredients from the Extremaduran fields, specifically from Cristina (Badajoz province), it is a product without preservatives or dyes, with a high energy and nutritional value.

"Gourmet Salguero" offers high quality fig bread and a tasty texture that gives the palate sweetness, the Salguero family recipe is made up of products from our land, with the care of always taking care of the harvest every year to get all the good energy and tasty properties to our commercials. A true delicatessen made with figs selected one by one. Products made 100% in Spain.


Spanish dried figs 80%, almonds, walnuts and cinnamon (non-mandatory added value, which can be included below the ingredients: gluten-free and dairy-free) 100% vegetable product

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