Floral Essences Bath Set Briefcase
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Floral Essences Bath Set Briefcase

Give the gift of well-being with this Bath Set.

Looking for how to surprise someone on that special day? If that special person is a lover of good smells and also knows how to appreciate good cosmetics, the ideal gift is undoubtedly this.

Succeed with your gift on Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day and Anniversary.

You are sure to love it!

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Order it before 18:00 of today and receive it on 07-12-2021 with MRW 24-48 HORAS


Personal Grooming Briefcase, essences of Royal Garden.

Today, with our busy daily lives, it is more important than ever that when we get home, we maintain a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy leaving stress away. The bathroom sets are undoubtedly a total success.

The Bath Set includes:

  • Shower Gel (250 ml) Floral Essences: Get the skin thoroughly cleansed, leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being.
  • Eva sponge: Soft to the touch. Use with shower gel in every bath.
  • Bath Salts (200 g) Flower Essences: Reduces fatigue and helps you sleep better while softening your skin and enjoying the pleasant aroma of real garden essences.
  • Bubble Bath (250 ml) Flower Essences: You will feel like in a real spa when you immerse yourself in the soft and creamy foam. The delicate scent of garden flowers is delightfully relaxing.
  • Body scrub (120 ml) Flower essences: Nourishes, deeply exfoliates and hydrates while enjoying the sensual fragrance of flowers.
  • Body lotion (120 ml) Flower Essences: After the daily bath, apply the body lotion to protect the skin. This will be hydrated and soft, after application with the pleasant aroma.
  • Floral Essences Body Spray (150ml): The floral aroma imparts a sensation of rejuvenation, perfect to improve the feeling of well-being. It is important to use it last to make the smell of flower essences last much longer.

This briefcase will become your perfect ally, you can give it a second life and use it as a box to store cosmetics, photos, letters or souvenirs.

Measurements (closed briefcase): 17 x 24 x 7 cm

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