Natural marmalade Orange 250 gr Deliex for wedding
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Natural marmalade Orange 250 gr Deliex for wedding

Buy natural marmalade Orange 250 gr Deliex for celebration

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Buy online natural marmalade Orange 250 gr Deliex for guest in events

Traditionally and made with natural oranges with a perfect balance between sweet and citrus orange. A orange marmalade that will surprise you.

The orange is a fruit with many properties, the most prominent is a high content of vitamin C, but in addition to this has lesser known qualities, such as is powerful to calm stress and fight against depression. It is a natural depurative that favors the digestive system and helps the absorption of iron, among other faculties.

The jar of jam is presented in a jar 250 grams of natural orange marmalade, it is a very attractive detail to be the object of your memories or details of communion or other events. A perfect and practical reminder.


  • Jar: orcio format glass
  • Quantity: 250 grams
  • Measurements: w cm Height x w cm Diameter

Data sheet

0.39 kg
Data sheet
250 gr.

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