BBQ Cashew with Cochujang and Paprika de la Vera Doypack 80 g
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BBQ Cashew with Cochujang and Paprika de la Vera Doypack 80 g

Human cashew nuts with cochujang.

Exotic crunchy snacks, baked by hand with cochujang and paprika from La Vera, through the traditional toasting process, seasoned with just the right amount of salt.

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Cashew nuts on the bbq with Paprika de la Vera and Korean Sauce.

INGREDIENTS: Cashews, whole cane sugar, Gochujang (tapioca syrup, rice, red pepper, soy, garlic, onion), salt, spicy La Vera paprika, natural barbecue aroma, natural smoke aroma and La Vera paprika.

One of the latest trends in gastronomy in recent years is the "Barbecue and Smoked", in this case this appetizer is made from Korean Gochujang sauce and paprika from La Vera.

From this fusion, the creation of a new flavor of barbecue smoked by paprika is achieved, with a slight spicy touch provided with gochujang sauce. All this, added to the roasting process, give rise to a crunchy snack with an exotic combination.

Pairing: To taste as a snack, it is recommended to accompany it with toasted drinks or whiskey or to garnish grilled dishes.

Nutritional Information per 100 g 
v. Energetic 2,429.00 kJ/586.00 kcal
Fat 44.90 g
Saturated  7.50 g
H. of carbon 22.00 g
Sugars 9.40 g
Proteins  19.80 g
Salt 1.66 g

Contains: 80 g

Does not contain lactose

Suitable for celiacs.

Suitable for vegans

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