Common customer questions

local_shipping Shipping questions:

1) How long does my order take? [Click to see the answer]

It depends on the order and the products purchased, when we place an order directly, we classify it by order types: simple orders, event orders or orders of cases and baskets.

2) How long does a single order take? [Click to see the answer]

2-3 days in peninsular Spain. Orders to deliver in Europe are 7 to 8 days.

  • Less than 24 products.

These are all those who buy a small amount of items or who have no customization option . For example orders with several pâtés or jams, a wine, one or more baskets or cases, as long as the quantity of articles is not very high.

These types of orders are the quickest to place and deliver.

3) How long does an event order take? [Click to see the answer]

1-2 weeks in peninsular Spain. Orders to deliver to Europe are 3 weeks.

  • More than 24 products or personalized products.

These requests for wedding gifts, baptisms, communions among other events. As a rule, they involve a larger number and references, depending on the event they can be more or less laborious.

Generally, these orders are personalized with cards or stickers, hence an increase in the delivery time although this is not the main cause. We have a fairly large stock but sometimes we may need a few days to bring the goods.

In most cases we can advance the delivery times so that you can receive the goods before the hours you see, but as a company we prefer to be careful and tell you how long your order can take at most.

4) How long does an order for crates and baskets last? [Click to see the answer]

2 to 5 days in peninsular Spain. In times of high demand, they can last 1 week.

1 weeks to Europe. In times of high demand they can be up to 2 weeks.

  • Depends on the number of Boxes or Baskets purchased

At Christmas quite large orders of baskets and cases are usually made. They are undoubtedly the most laborious orders and require some preparation time.

These orders are generally thank you notes , which usually include the company logo. So we advise you to send all the complete information from the beginning. Send all texts, logos since the order is placed. This is not the main cause. We have a fairly large stock but sometimes we may need a few days to bring the merchandise.

In most cases we can advance delivery times so that you can receive the merchandise before the times you are seeing, but as a company we prefer to be cautious and tell you how long your order could take at most.

5) What transport agencies do you work with? [Click to see answer]

We currently work with MRW in the peninsula and UPS for international shipments.

shopping_basket Questions about products:

1) How much do the products measure? [Click to see answer]

All the information regarding measurements or weights of a product, you can see it in the description of the same product page. Before speaking with us to ask how much a bottle of wine or something similar measures, be sure to read the description beforehand.

2) Are the wine bottles plastic or glass? [Click to see answer]

Most wine bottles are glass, that information can be found in the product description.

brush Questions about Product Customization:

1) What customization options do you have? [Click to see answer]

Only two and they are exclusive: 1) With our models of cards or stickers (see question 2 and 4). 2) With an image or photo of yourself (see question 3 and 5).

2) Where can I see the models of cards and stickers you have? [Click to see answer]

By clicking here.

3) Can I attach my photo? [Click to see answer]

Yes, you can attach an image. Images with good quality and that adapt to card formats.

4) What information do I have to fill in if I choose a model that you have? [Click to see answer]

You must write name / names, date of the event and the code of the card that appears in the catalog. They are numbered from 1 to 20 and depending on the event you can be from Weddings (BO), Baptisms (BA), Communions (CO), Birthdays (CU) and Company (EM): Examples: 1BO, 2CO, 3BA, 4CU OR 5EM. In this case, you should not attach photos to your order.

5) What information do I have to fill in if I decide to attach a photo or image? [Click to see answer]

You must attach the image, write name / names, date of the event. In this case you should not write any information regarding our models of cards or stickers.

6) How do I save the personalization so that it remains recorded in the order? [Click to see answer]

Once you have filled in all the information, you must save the product by clicking on the blue button. Then you can add as many units as you need to the cart.

7) Are the cards free? [Click to see answer]

The cards are free when you buy 24 product packs or more. As many products as you buy. If you buy 50 packs we will give you 50 cards! Note: Our free cards have our miniature logo on the reverse.

8) Can I buy more cards? [Click to see answer]

We give you as many cards as packs you have purchased (See question 7). If you need more, you can buy them by adding the product personalized cards separately. They cost € 0.10 with our logo on the back or € 0.20 without our logo.

9) Are the stickers free? [Click to see answer]

No, the stickers have a cost of € 0.20 per unit.

10) Can I buy stickers for any product? [Click to see answer]

Our stickers are generally designed for wine bottles in any format and beer bottles. Products that are too small, such as jams, pates, honeys of 30 gr or 110 gr, are not personalized with stickers. Some formats of olive oil or certain cases if they can be customized, but you need to contact us first.

11) Are the stickers attached to the products? [Click to see answer]

No. We send the stickers to you cut and prepared so that you can stick them as you prefer.

12) Does the delivery time delay an order with personalized cards or stickers? [Click to see answer]

Under normal conditions delivery times are not delayed. The transit time for personalized orders is 1 week in normal season and 2 weeks in high season (December, April, May, and June).

13) What happens if I make a mistake when customizing the product? [Click to see answer]

We strongly recommend that you check the information before ordering. If you make a mistake writing the data, any misspelling, dates or any information, we cannot be held responsible. If your order has not yet gone out, you can inform us of the incident so that we can correct the error. If your order has already left our warehouse, you will have the option to request them again, taking care of the transport and printing costs.

14) What happens if the personalization information has not been filled in or has not been recorded correctly? [Click to see answer]

You may not need the cards or you may have forgotten to save them. In this case, our designer will contact you by phone or email and will have the possibility to complete the personalization information. If our designer fails to contact you within a reasonable time, your order will be shipped without customization.

15) Is it possible to see my personalized card / sticker design in real time? [Click to see answer]

No. Currently it is not possible to visualize in real time how the card you want to design for your event is. You can see our models and choose the one you like the most (see question 2) or upload your own designed image / photo (see question 3).