We will deliver the products between 5 and 10 days (after we will received the pay) for normal orders.

Except the custom orders or high quantity products. In this case, we will deliver our products in 30 days included transport (after we will received the pay).

Free shipping in mainland Spain and mainland Portugal, only with ordinary MRW transport

Also, we will deliver the centres of hams boned and polished about a week.

For urgent orders check deadlines.

From the website you can make purchases destined to all Europe. For shipping to other areas check the price of transport by email (

NOTE: Every times are approximate. If there are a stock breaking this times, we will talk with you and we will say the new time of the order. Anyway, a delay in the delivery not entitle the customer to claim compensation.

Every prices has taxes incorporated (IVA)

Warranties and Returns

It is necessary to review the order upon receipt and indicate if there is any incident within 48 hours after receiving your order.

Total satisfaction is one of the priorities of Regalos Gourmet Online. In this way, and to confirm that the product has been received of its total satisfaction, returns are accepted in the following cases:

  • If the packaging is damaged. In this case, it is important to indicate the carrier that does not accept the order at the same time of its receipt.
  • If the product is not in good condition, or you simply consider that it does not reach the expected quality.
  • In all these cases, you must send an email to indicating:
    • The order number.
    • Products you want to return, and what problem they have.
    • If you want to change the products for others, or we will refund the cost of the purchase.

To proceed with the return:

  • The return must be made in the original packaging before 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • We do not accept returns without guarantee of the photograph / s in the reception of the order of the state of the package and its interior.
  • Returns are not accepted when the weight of the returned piece (including the weight of the remains) is less than 75% of the weight of the original part. As requested, the product will be sent back to the doors due.
  • When you receive your message, we will tell you how to return the product. Regalos Gourmet Online will take care if does not meet our quality standards.

NOTE: In the event of any stock breach or unavailability of an item, from we will contact you for the new delivery period, if it is not possible to serve such product, to reach an agreement between both Parts



0-2 Kg 2-5 Kg 5-10 Kg 10-15 Kg 15-21 Kg 21-40 Kg 40-50 Kg 50-60 Kg 60-70 Kg 70-80 Kg
3.25 € 4.05 € 5.10 € 6.15 € 7.30 € 9.45 € 11.65 € 13 € 15 € 16.50 €


0-2 Kg 2-5 Kg 5-10 Kg 10-11 Kg 11-12 Kg 12-13 Kg
7.95 € 8.95 € 13.52 € 14.60 € 15.75 € 16.95 €