Gourmet gift basket 3
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Gourmet gift basket 3

Gourmet gift basket 3

This small gourmet basket is the perfect gift synonymous. Another selection of gourmet products with high quality standards met perfectly.

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If you still don't know what to give at the company anniversary party or at the end of the year, we recommend the gourmet gift basket nº 3. It is a basket made up of products of great value in the kitchen and that anyone who receives it will like.

This small gourmet gift basket is the most original gift you can get. The composition of this box is ideal for sharing any meal, they are made with the best ingredients, so their quality is totally guaranteed. However, find out a little more about these products below.

What does the gourmet gift basket contain?

These small gift baskets are composed of high quality products such as:

✅ 250 ml EVOO bottle.

✅ Vinegar 250 ml DO.

✅ Regañas with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

✅ Olive and almond cream.

✅ Natural salt flakes.

These members are the perfect selection for gift giving, why? Find out a little about each of the products below:

250 ml EVOO bottle

This olive oil is of a superior category, which is obtained directly from Hojiblanca olives and by mechanical processes. It is produced by La Chinata in Spain. It comes in a 250 ml presentation.

Vinegar 250 ml DO

Vinegar has the peculiarity that it brings a powerful flavour to food, enhancing the flavours. It is widely used in the Mediterranean diet. It has a great versatility in the kitchen, so it has become one of the favourite ingredients. For this reason, it is perfect to be part of this gift basket, the presentation is 250 ml.

Doughnuts with olives

High-quality breadsticks with EVOO. With the shape of a hard and dainty pancake, it is very typical from several places, but mainly from Andalusia. Made with high quality products including Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they have a soft and crunchy texture that you will love. 

Cream of olive and almond soup

La Chinata has elaborated this delicious cream that combines the wonderful flavours of green olives, almonds and olive oil. It is of great nutritional value and contains vitamins and minerals. It is an ideal cream to accompany some delicious doughnuts with olives. It comes in a presentation of 180 grams.

Natural salt flakes

The last component of this gourmet gift basket is natural flaked salt from the Mediterranean. It is the best alternative to season food in a healthy way. It is a gourmet salt, its flavour is much milder and its texture is crunchy.

This is how the gourmet gift basket is composed, if you wish to personalise it you can add a note of dedication to each basket. However, if you do not want some of these products, you can choose the products and choose your own gift basket with the products of your choice.

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