Rectangular wooden keyring
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Rectangular wooden keyring

A nice keyring with a wooden rectangle to personalise it as you like. This wooden keyring is an ideal accessory where your imagination is the limit. With an elegant and simple design it is a perfect gift, don't let it pass you by and buy it!

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Rectangular wooden keyring

We bring you this nice detail, a wooden keyring to personalise. This keyring which contains a small wooden planchette is perfect to personalize in different ways. 

The keyring is made of different materials that give it a series of characteristics and specifications. The key ring has a stainless steel ring, attached to an anchor of the same material that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. The anchorage of the key ring is attached to a beech wood plate, polished and lacquered, with a soft touch.

Thanks to these materials the key ring can be personalised in various ways. It can be painted with shapes, figures, colours, etc., as imaginatively as possible. You can use paint, marker, colours, watercolours to give it a touch of colour or even use a punch or stylus in order to engrave the surface and give it a relief. 

The key ring, besides being very light and easy to handle, is delivered in a small plastic bag that protects it better against knocks or changes in temperature or humidity during transport. 

In short, a gift that you should take into account, with multiple possibilities and that will delight whoever you give it to, as the limit is your imagination. 

Measurements: 5 x 3,2 cm Weight: 12 Gr

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