Mastic cadeau laine de bois 5 kilos
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Mastic cadeau laine de bois 5 kilos

Herbe de copeaux de bois (5 kilos)

41,32 €


Wood Chips 5 kilos, to fill your baskets and thus protect the products

You can buy this wonderful kiln-dried wood chip, without any chemicals, which makes it a natural wood chip, especially suitable for inclusion with food products.

This wood chip is indicated when filling gift baskets, when they are cosmetic food products ... even highly recommended for our pets, to put them in their house, it will isolate from the cold.

These chips have a thousand and one way of being used. Especially to protect the products that are added in gift baskets, trunks ... or simply as a decoration.

This wood chip is a completely natural product, 100 x 100 biodegradable and respectful with the environment.

5 kilos of wood chips

Fiche technique

01743-5 kilos
5 kg
Fiche technique