Pack in big trunk with extra virgin olive oil and paprika three flavors for weddings
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Pack in big trunk with extra virgin olive oil and paprika three flavors for weddings

Buy online extra virgin olive oil and paprika three flavors gift for guest

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Pack extra virgin olive oil and paprika three flavors gift for guest

With this gourmet detail you will not need to look for anything else. This pack is for both men and women. We have selected this combination of products upon popular request.

Detail with extra virgin olive oil

The miniature bottle of Olive Oil most beloved by customers. It is adequate because the format is quite large and even so it is still considered miniature, it contains 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil from the well-known brand La Chinata, from Extremadura (Plasencia).

Perfect because the packaging is made of glass and not plastic like some smaller size formats, this makes it much more elegant for your wedding guests.

It is very practical because it is consumed daily in the kitchen, for many dishes of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. An ingredient that in appropriate doses adds a great flavor to salads and toast.

Gift with sweet paprika, bittersweet and spicy

This combination keeps the paprika jewel of the vera. Why settle for a taste if you can have them all? That's right, with this product in the pack you give a degree of sophistication and enormous amplitude.

The format is the least original, which is very appropriate if you want to make a different gift, new and never seen before. Wedding details are usually the perfect occasion to give as you give your event the distinction you deserve as a couple.

Do not miss the opportunity to stand out among all your guests, so that your wedding is the one they remember and appreciate the most during their lives. Buy paprika with denomination of origin of La Vera from the house Caballo de Oros.

Three boats that contain the three flavors par excellence spicy, sweet and bittersweet:

  • Sweet paprika pot of Vera Vera 4 gr
  • Paprika Pot of Vera Spicy 4 gr
  • Pot Paprika of the Vera Bittersweet 4 gr

A large trunk for large gifts

The content is as important as the continent. That is why we bring value by creating combinations with trunks or larger boxes so that the only limitation is your imagination.

This trunk is the largest we have, this box - trunk - case is made of bamboo wood, of a considerable size to store even more products.

With dimensions of exterior 7.5 cm x 17 cm and interior 7 cm x 16 cm

The oil bottle and paprika pack fit perfectly. A huge detail not only for the quality but for its presence.

Reasons to buy souvenir for gourmet guests

We recommend buying the pack with a large trunk with oil and paprika because it is a completely delicatessen lot. A memory with good taste. It brings a higher level of sophistication with a gorumet event detail.

You should buy the gourmet gift if you want something that lives up to your guests' expectations. For all the reasons you see here commented.

Personalized card for your free event when you buy 24 units or more

If you buy 24 packs or more we will give you the personalized cards completely free. Choose among our card models or attach your stamp or logo.

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