Details for wedding, communion, celebration

Organza bag (10cm x 13cm)
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Organza bag (10cm x 13cm) Organza bags are ideal for wrapping and decorating wedding details, communion, christening or any event. They are made of organza, it's a kind of ideal for this type of celebrations tissue. They are very elegant bags that have two ribbons of the same color and made of a soft fabric.Size: 10 inches wide by 13 inches high. This bag is designed for small details.
Child's tablecloth with waxes
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Table cloth for children coloring Stamped in non wave material, with design of marine animals to color. Accompanied by waxes, it is a toy that favors the coordination of the smallest. Ideal for weddings, baptisms and communions as a detail of children's attendance. Contains 5 colored waxes Measures: 35 x 33 cm Does not stain clothes
Welcome Pack Natural Edition
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Welcome Pack Natural Edition The greatest essence is kept in the smallest flask Our pack of miniatures is composed of three bottles: Bath and Shower Gel, Body Milk and Soft Shampoo, all of them in 30 ml format. A 20 g soap bar completes the lot.
Chocolate Olives
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Chocolate Olives These olives, naturally, aren´t olives at all but almonds, covered in a thick layer of delicious creamy chocolate. They are coloured green and brown to look like mixed olives in the bag. You won´t be able to eat only one… Presentation: Bag 150 g. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa (60%), cocoa butter, almonds (26%), milk powder (C264M, C425), food coloring (E-102, E-142, E-110), lecithin and vanilla.

Below, we present our wide selection of gourmet wedding favors, designed to impress and surprise your guests:

Personalized gourmet wedding details

At Regalos Gourmet Online, we offer a variety of personalized wedding favors, perfect for making your guests feel special. From personalized tags to engravings and unique designs, our personalized wedding favors allow you to add a personal touch to your gift.

Gourmet wedding baskets

Are you looking for a larger option to surprise your guests? Our gourmet wedding baskets are the perfect option. With a wide selection of gourmet products, from wines to cheeses and chocolates, our gourmet wedding baskets are a gift your guests won't forget.

Miniatures of gourmet products

Do you want to offer a gourmet wedding detail that is practical and elegant at the same time? Our miniatures of gourmet products are the perfect option. From mini olive oil bottles to cheese miniatures, our gourmet product miniatures are the perfect detail to add a touch of elegance to your event.

Cosmetics to give as a gift

Do you want to offer your guests more than just food? Our cosmetics to give as gifts are an elegant and practical option. From moisturizers to lip balms and facial care products, our giftable cosmetics are the perfect gift to make your guests feel pampered.