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Details for women

Cream of sheep cheese Deliex
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Jar cheese cream of sheep DELIEX  Jar cream cheese Deliex in container of 120 gr. The container of cheese sheep cream got in the top a elegant label brown This jar cream cheese of sheep can customize and serves as detail wedding, detail communion, or detail baptism. It can include a card customized with the picture that you wish, name, date...
Cream of goat cheese Deliex
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Jar cheese goat cream DELIEX. Jar cheese goat cream DELIEX in container 110gr: The container of jar cheese goat cream got up a elegant label brown. This jar cheese goat cream can customize and serve as detail of wedding, communion or detail baptism. It can include card customized with the picture that you wish, name, dates... whatever you want
You present product gourmet in wedding
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You present product gourmet in wedding Regalos Gourmet Online inform that jar of pâté Deliex 30 gr of brand Deliex you will not be able to buy until May 2007, if you wish we have more flavour for to make combination. For more information sent a text doing click here or make by phone in 924 038 471 / 691 576 029.

We all agree that giving a woman on your wedding day is not an easy task, but how much more complicated can it be to find the perfect detail for the girls invited to your wedding or event!

From the comfort of your home or office, in our online store of wedding details for women we are here to help you, if you have any questions please contact us via chat, email or phone.

Keep in mind that these details also serve as details for women in general not only specific for weddings, they can be used for other kinds of events, you should also know that in other categories of our store you can see other details for women who are not in this category

Gifts and details for women at weddings

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Details for women

Hit with the best original details for your wedding guests.

The best gift and detail does not always have to be the most expensive, but the one that best suits and approaches the tastes and needs, in this case of the girls invited to your wedding or to any of your special celebrations.

Wedding souvenirs for women

In our gallery you will find diversity of products of the highest quality and with a low shipping cost, or free in Spain (peninsular) from € 150, mostly miniature delicacies that will surely make a difference at your wedding or celebration.

Buy Wedding Gifts for Women

We all like to leave a beautiful memory for women of the transcendental dates and moments in our lives, so it is essential to buy the original and different gift that marks the mark on the guests.

But when buying those details for the guests, the dilemma begins especially if our goal is to select something for the girls. But no more exhausting searches, we have what you are looking for at the best prices in the market.

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