Children's birthday pack 16 backpacks, 16 cases, 16 flex pencils and 32 packages of waxes.
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Children's birthday pack 16 backpacks, 16 cases, 16 flex pencils and 32 packages of waxes.

Birthday pack

Great kit for children's gifts and children's memories.

The great gift that all the children were waiting for.

Promotes creativity, imagination and development of the little ones.

It contains:

16 Backpacks with 16 packs of 5 waxes

16 Cases with 16 packs of 4 waxes

16 Flexible Colored Pencils

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Pack 16 backpacks, cases and flex pencils.

Backpacks and cases non wave

Made with non-wave material, both backpacks and cases are colorizable, washable and contain wax pack (5 and 4 waxes respectively)

The non-wave material, is a type of fabric-like component, is recyclable and can be washed. It is not recommended to abuse excessive washing. They do not stain clothes. Both one and the other, has a design in which on the front is a pattern to be colored with waxes, while on the back there is a blank space to give free rein to your imagination.

These packs are enjoying great popularity among fathers, mothers and teachers of the school who want to establish healthy habits by replacing the classic candy cone with a much more educational gift since it also favors psychomotor skills, responsible for coordinating the psychic orders of the mind With the ability to move, it promotes sociability and increases self-esteem and creativity.

Flexible pencils (flex)

These pencils are totally flexible as they appear in the images, they are of varied colors and are very colorful. They usually love the little ones because it fulfills the functions of a normal pencil with the incentive of having a very original design.

Summary of content:

- 16 Non wave cases: 22.40 x 11.60 cm + 4 waxes / case.

- 16 backpack non wave backpack: 25 x 30 cm + 5 waxes / backpack.

- 16 flexible colored pencils. Measures: 18.5 x 0.6 cm approx.

It is for children of all ages although special attention is recommended in younger children.

Product added value:

- Educational and Social Value.

- Recyclable

- Responsible with the environment.

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