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Gifts for children's birthdays

Pack of 30 Tablecloths for birthday gift coloring
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Lot 30 x Tablecloths for birthday gift coloring Designed and manufactured in non wave material, with aquatic animal patterns to color. With each tablecloth you will find a set of waxes, it is a toy that helps coordinate the smallest. Ideal for weddings, baptisms and communions as a detail of children's attendance. Contains 5 colored waxes Measures: 35 x 33 cm Does not stain clothes
Pack 30 backpacks, 30 wax packs + case + dinosaur rubber egg
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Pack 30 backpacks, waxes and rubber eggs Pack of 30 non wave backpacks, washable, with waxes Measures: 25 x 30 cm Includes 5 colored waxes per backpack. A plastic egg, half green, half transparent 7 erasers shaped like different dinosaurs Egg: 5x4x4cm Pencil case and red pencil sharpener. 6 pencils 1 pencil sharpener 1 cardboard case. Measures: 10.00 x 2.50 cm Material: Cardboard / Wood / Plastic

Original gifts for children's birthdays

Birthdays are a very important date for children, in fact, along with the day of kings, we believe that they are the 2 days of greatest importance for our children, because they are days in which they are the protagonists, that's why for years, On a child's birthday, it is celebrated both at school and at a private party with friends and family.

Before, and not so much of this, when celebrating an original birthday at school, they took sweets, candy or bags of worms to share with friends and thus celebrate the birthday.

Nowadays, we are trying to change that custom, since we know that these types of foods are not very healthy for our children and, in addition, we find that there are children who unfortunately are intolerant to gluten or lactose, which makes it more difficult to carry this type of gifts and that all colleagues can consume equally. That is why we have incorporated in our catalog a line of gifts for children's birthdays very original, educational and practical, which we will detail a little below.

Gifts to give for children's birthdays

  • Funny cases with drawings to color them, each case comes with waxes and they are washable.
  • Original backpacks with waxes and prints for coloring, also washable.
  • Funny rubber bands with very cool designs
  • Kites for coloring
  • Flexible pencils, cases ...
  • Coloring book set
  • Colored mandrels
  • Breakfast cups with chalk to paint on them

All this and much more you can find in our store, as you see, are very educational, original and fun children's birthday gifts, they are designed to ensure hundreds of hours of fun, entertainment and learning, however and although we like this type of gifts, we also have cones or boxes of sweets, for the most classic, because we understand that tastes and thoughts are of all kinds and of course we always adapt 100% to our customers.