30 Whale Case, 30 Dino eggs and 30 pencils
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30 Whale Case, 30 Dino eggs and 30 pencils

Pack of 30 children.

A different, educational and fun detail for gifts in schools or children's parties.

30 non wave coloring boxes

30 packs of waxes.

30 colored pencils.

30 eggs of gums Dinosaur.

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The perfect gift for the class.

Ideal to give in class with the return to school. It's fun, it favors socialization, psychomotor skills and cognitive development of the little ones.

30 Cases: made with imitation material to non wave fabric 22.4 cm x 11.6 cm

30 Pack of 5 waxes for each case to color the cute drawings. 

30 Dino gum eggs: In a two-color plastic egg, it houses 7 erasers in the shape of dinosaurs. 5 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm

30 pencils: pencils of various colors.

A total of 120 pieces to give as gifts for children to have fun learning

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