30 Backpacks with children's wax paints
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30 Backpacks with children's wax paints

Great pack of backpacks with children's waxes

It contains:

30 x Backpacks with animal print coloring

30 x Pack of 5 colored waxes.

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30 x String backpacks to give as a gift.

Small and beautiful rope backpacks, it is a funny and economical detail that parents and children love.

If you are tired of the normal gifts, with this pack of 30 mochilitas to color you will succeed because the originality is priceless. Give originality to niches so that they always learn by playing and developing all their creative potential.

A recommended gift for children and children ages.

- Measures: 25 x 30 cm

- Non wave material

- Includes a pack of waxes inside each backpack.

- Made with non wave material: fabric imitation material.

- Does not stain clothes

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