Barbecue Set
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Barbecue Set

Great set of products that includes everything you need to make a great barbecue. Includes trowel, carving knife, tongs, mitt and salt and pepper pots. Use it for those weekend get-togethers with friends or family and let them see you're a real chef. 

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Barbecue Set

A product that will make you the envy of your friends and/or family. This fantastic waistcoat includes everything you need to make a great barbecue. It contains the 7 essential accessories for any barbecue. These are stainless steel trowel, carving tongs and tongs, all with wooden handles. It also includes a padded mitten, to avoid accidents, and two dosing bottles, one for salt and one for pepper. The waistcoat is made of black polyester and is very resistant. It also has a fastening with metal buttons and a nylon strap. Definitely a product you should not miss if you are a barbecue lover. 

7 Accessories

Material: Stainless Steel/ Polyester 600D

Measurements: 43 x 60 x cm | 750 gr.

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