Medium Gift Basket Cosmetics
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Medium Gift Basket Cosmetics

La chinata cosmetic gift basket

A luxurious gift basket with natural cosmetic products, to give at Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day etc. A fantastic gift to offer the body a natural care, with which your recipient will be delighted.

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Cosmetic gift basket nº3 La Chinata

Do you have to make a gift and have no idea what to choose? A good option is a cosmetic gift basket. A gift totally different from what is always given, in addition, is original. With this gift you not only give quality, you will also be giving her well-being and beauty. Next, discover the reason why you should choose this basket as a cosmetic gift.

Composed of high quality products made with the purpose of providing care to the body with cosmetic products. This cosmetic gift basket contains the following

  • Olive Oil Soap: soap to increase the smoothness of the skin, biodegradable product with olive oil and moisturizing and toning properties.
  • Bath Gel: gel with a mild olive aroma, for daily use.
  • Liquid Soap: aromatic olive soap for hand cleaning.
  • Shampoo: for hair care, leaving hair shiny and easy combing. Contains surfactants derived from EVOO (360 ml).
  • Hair Conditioner: help to repair the hair after bathing and will greatly facilitate styling (250 ml).
  • Hand and Nail Cream: beauty product, with EVOO and natural glycerin. They contain keratin properties (75 ml).
  • Moisturizing Cream: for the protection of the skin from external factors, it moisturizes and maintains its structure.
  • Exfoliating Gel: with derivatives of olive oil and minerals. For any type of honey, even the most sensitive (150 ml).
  • Foot and Elbow Cream: made with EVOO, rosehip, urea, keratin and vegetable glycerin. Everything is little to moisturize and protect areas of drier skin and improve softness and touch noticeably (100 ml).

Why gift cosmetic basket?

The first reason why it is a good option to give away baskets of cosmetics, is that not only do you entertain guests, you will also give away something that will help them take care of their well-being and health. Another reason has to do with the fact that these are products that are manufactured based on natural elements such as the following:

- Olive oil based soap: The benefits of olive oil for the skin are infinite, they help increase the smoothness of the skin. These soaps are products with moisturizing and toning properties.

- Liquid soap: Specially prepared for hand care, with olive aroma.

- Bath gel: Like the other products above, it has an olive aroma, it is made for daily use. It contains moisturizing and toning properties.

- Exfoliating gel: This gel was made with minerals and olive oil derivatives, provides benefits for any type of skin, even the most sensitive. It comes in a 150 ml presentation.

- Shampoo: Leaving the hair easily combed and shiny, this hair care product contains surfactants that are derived from EVOO, its presentation is from a 360 ml container.

- Hair conditioner: For complete hair care, the conditioner is needed to help repair the hair after bathing. In addition to that it facilitates the hairstyle. The presentation is 250 ml.

- Hand and nail cream: This product with EVOO and natural glycerin comes in a 75 ml presentation.

- Foot and elbow cream: The composition of this cream is based on the presence of rosehip, EVOO, urea, glycerin, keratin. Everything you need to protect and moisturize the body's driest skin.

- Moisturizer: Protects the skin, moisturizes and maintains the structure. Comes in a presentation is 100 ml.

All this comes in a cardboard basket and is wrapped to present as a gift. Through this website you can not only choose the cosmetic basket but you can also add a card to each basket to make a personalized note.

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98 mm x 89 mm

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