Normally, we use paper to take notes, make diagrams, notes or a drawing. For this reason, notebooks, notebooks or pads are so necessary, since they allow you to have everything written down in the same place and this makes it much easier when it comes to locating the information.

We have different types and sizes of notebooks, from notebooks with cardboard covers and colored rubber to blocks of children's notes with drawings or emojis.

A5 notebooks with recycled cardboard cover

Notebooks with recycled cardboard cover and colored rubber. Good quality notebook with multiple uses. Hardcover, recycled notebook, elastic closure with colored rubber and page markers, perfect for the office and your personal projects.

Notebooks with A5 sheets with different colored erasers. A practical notebook that anyone you give it to will love it. It has a recycled hard cardboard cover. Available colors are white, black, red, yellow and blue.

It has versatile uses, ideal for the office, for school or as a personal diary and agenda, where you can write down all your activities to stay organized. They are made of high quality paper, with smooth paper where you can capture all your ideas. Ideal for any type of pen, as it is a strong and durable paper.

Children's Note Block

A practical and original gift to give to the guests of your events. Each notebook has an original emoticon design on a yellow hard cardboard cover and held together by rings. The notebook has 40 sheets. A useful and practical gift to give to the guests of your events and that both children and adults will like.

A small notebook with the shapes of some of the most used emoticons in daily conversations. It has a striking yellow color and white rings. The cover is circular in rigid cardboard and has about 40 sheets.

Plain notebooks with dividing cord

Smooth notebook with separating cord, very useful to know which sheets are filled and, conversely, which are free to use.

Notebook, notebook with smooth sheets, in plain white. With rigid hard cardboard covers, with sewn sheets of paper to give you the best service and at the best price.

In addition, they are perfect notebooks for back to school and routine, with a multitude of uses, depending on the performance that each one wants to give them.

Go ahead and try our new notebooks!