Can of Fig Chocolates Rabitos Royale
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Can of Fig Chocolates Rabitos Royale

  • Vintage Tin 30th Anniversary
  • Limited edition
  • 248 Gr Net Weight
  • 14 Fig Candy
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Can of Fig Chocolates Rabitos Royale Special 30th Anniversary

Vintage can limited edition of rabitos chocolates

Because of its thirtieth anniversary, La Higuera enhances the figure of the original fig chocolate, the real one with this beautiful vintage tin specially designed for this special occasion.

This special edition includes:

  • Vintage tin screen-printed for 30th anniversary
  • 14 Fig Chocolates Rabitos Royale: incredible and tasty figs, at their optimum moment, with a filling of liquor and truffles, covered with a thin but delicious layer of chocolate that will make you lose your mind. You will not stop until they run out!
  • Net Weight: 248 gr

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