Rabitos Royale Collection, Dark, Milk and White (3 und)
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Rabitos Royale Collection, Dark, Milk and White (3 und)

Fig chocolates. Gourmet collection assortment.

Our most select pack with a bonbon of each variety: chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate with its tender truffle heart.

Crisp and irreplaceable.

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Rabitos Royale fig chocolates, 3 units.

The new sensation for lovers of fig chocolates. This detail is made up of the three delicious varieties of Rabitos Royale, presented in a plastic case, in our smallest and most exclusive format.

You will enjoy a selection of the best Mediterranean figs:

  • Rabito Royale Dark (1 unit): once the dried figs have been selected, they have been filled with dark chocolate truffle and a delicate and tender brandy heart. Subsequently, they are covered with a thin layer of crunchy dark chocolate, to enjoy a delicious experience.
  • Rabito Royale Milk (1 unit): Made with white chocolate, it is a delicacy resulting from the combination of its crunchy chocolate layer and its tender heart of milk chocolate truffle and a touch of salted caramel.
  • Rabito Royal White (1 und): fig bonbon with white chocolate, a totally different flavor from the previous ones without losing its essence of contrast between its tender heart of truffle, white chocolate and strawberry and its crunchy outer layer of white chocolate.

You will enjoy a good treat.

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