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Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box)
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Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box) Our Rabitos Royale are the finest mediterranean figs, filled with our truffle liquor cream and covered with a delicate layer of chocolate. Ingredients: Dried Figs (45%); truffle filling (40%) (Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavour: vanilla) (Chocolate contains cocoa solids 54% min.), cream, brandy liquor (3%), glucose syrup, sorbitol; Coating (15%) (Sugar, semi-skimmed cocoa powder, fractionated vegetable oil, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, flavour: vanilla). Contains soya and milk products. May contain nut traces. Content: 15 uds.
Chocolate Olives
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Chocolate Olives These olives, naturally, aren´t olives at all but almonds, covered in a thick layer of delicious creamy chocolate. They are coloured green and brown to look like mixed olives in the bag. You won´t be able to eat only one… Presentation: Bag 150 g. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa (60%), cocoa butter, almonds (26%), milk powder (C264M, C425), food coloring (E-102, E-142, E-110), lecithin and vanilla.

The figs of Almoharín (Cáceres) is another of the most recognized Extremaduran products, filled with truffle cream and liquor, coated with the best chocolate, make it a bonbon of exquisite and unmistakable flavor, you can buy or give the format that best suits to your needs

The Bonbons of figs are a typical tradition of Extremadura, they are delicious and the perfect gift for any occasion.

Whether to conquer a love, anniversary, birthday, or simply as a thank you, giving fig bonbons means that we consider that person very special.

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The delicious Fig Bombón is a delicacy that is made with dried figs, fine and carefully selected that can be filled with a delicious cream based on truffles and liquor to be covered later with a delicious and crunchy layer of chocolate and needless to say when eating them, our palate experiences a sensation of satisfaction and pleasure, who can resist that!

Surely it will be a very successful success to select these figs with chocolate to give that special person on any occasion.

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