Lot of sausages and cured ham reserve.
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Lot of sausages and cured ham reserve.

Cured ham batch reserve with Extremadura sausages and cheese

A lot with Extremaduran products of white pork, cured ham reserve, sausages and cheese with cardboard ham case.

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A lot with Extremeños products, quality land

A complete batch with white pork products, traditionally made.

The lot is composed of:

  • Cured ham reserve of more than 8 kg approx
  • Extra cured loin 700 gr aporx
  • Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​sausage 400gr approx
  • Iberian acorn-fed horseshoe sausage 400gr approx
  • Cheese wedge 250 gr approx

An ideal lot for business gift and Christmas basket, or to savor and taste the traditional products of Extremadura with your family and friends at home.

In Gourmet Gifts the Lot of sausages and cured ham reserve, high quality Iberian products are our specialty.

When talking about ham reserve, we refer to the game of hams and shoulders that are reserved to the producer months or even years in advance.

This type of ham is very special, because it takes a healing process that requires care and takes time to finally obtain this unique delicacy.

Gourmet Gifts helps you prepare your spectacular ham batch, which includes the delicious reserve cured ham and Iberian sausage products, recognized for their excellent quality and unmatched flavor.

Buy Lots of sausages and cured ham reserve

If you're looking to buy lots of cheap sausages, look no further! You will find the best prices here! in your favorite virtual store specialists in Gourmet Gifts.

It is worth giving yourself a personal taste with this batch of Iberian sausages and especially with the cured ham reserve, since the process of salting, washing, settlement and drying that entails its elaboration results in a product of the highest quality and its Unmatched flavor has no comparison.

Without a doubt, the cured ham reserve, delights the most demanding palates with its exquisite flavor that makes it occupy an honorable place among the gastronomic delights of Extremadura.

We will be happy to accompany you and advise you to have a successful and productive purchase.

Sausage baskets for gifts

If what you are looking for is to buy Baskets of sausages to give to your employees this Christmas, we can help you put together your batch of sausages, which will undoubtedly be the ideal incentive for workers to feel how valuable each one of them is. them for your company.

So that your gift is complete and spectacular, you can customize it and for this you can not miss the message card where you can place what you want in it, but do not worry! With the purchase of your gift basket, the personal card is free.

The batch of sausages and cured ham reserve consists of the following products:

-Ham cured reserve of 8 kilos or more approx.

-Extra cured loin of 700 gr approx.

-Horseshoe Iberian acorn-fed sausage 400 gr approx.

-Horseshoe Iberian acorn-fed sausage 400 gr approx.

-Cuna cheese 250 gr approx.

As you can see, the content of sausages and cured ham reserve is a very complete batch of white pork products, handcrafted that especially preserve the traditional flavor.

So now you know! If you want to give yourself a good taste or give a very special gift, contact us and we can gladly advise you.

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