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Corporate gifts

The best gifts for business

Business details and gifts. For details at conferences, product presentations, exhibition fairs. We have many gifts for your business congress. There is no better detail than personalized gifts, with the possibility of including a note and card with your logo and commercial information.

Buy your personalized business gifts and advertising items here

Choosing good gifts for a company can be an arduous task, so we offer in our catalog the best personalized gifts for your company through a nice card for the smallest details or thank you note for the biggest boxes and gifts.

Customize your original business gifts online with your logo or business slogan, so that you can promote your personal brand or business with commercial actions.

The most original and cheap business gifts online

The originality and luxury of a gift is not at odds with the price, so you can locate and purchase the products with an economical price, with the proven quality of the best brands.

Original products such as wines or spirits, boxes of chocolates, oils, gourmet cases among thousands of other products with originality, luxury and exclusivity. Most of our company products are exclusive and you can only buy them on this site.

Corporate gifts in Spain

We distribute the products to companies throughout Spain, so it doesn't matter where you are because we have business gifts for Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or any other city in national and even international territory. Only when placing your order online we take care of sending your business gifts to the address you need in a reasonable period of time.

Gifts for corporate events

Do you have a company event and do not know what to give? Find the best ideas in our online store, because we are experts in all kinds of commercial or solidarity events and our products for companies are the most suitable thanks to the great variety of our catalog, prices without competition and a proven quality.

Any reason is good for a good commercial action, take advantage of business events to make a good gift. These gifts are a great idea for corporate anniversaries, corporate parties, corporate gifts at the end of the year or original gifts for corporate dinners, fairs or conferences and any type of event in which your company should be.

A good gift is a sign of confidence and it doesn't matter if you are a big company or a small hairdresser, all our clients are important, so we are proud to have both large, medium and small companies as main clients.

What matters in corporate gifts

In case you need more ideas on how to succeed with our products, to make a good purchase consider all this and you will make a successful purchase.


Originality is essential, so we offer little or exclusive products, do not fall into the topics of giving pen drives and things like that. Opt for the distinction as a business strategy. It says more of your company to give a good wine with pate than a poor quality pen.


Quality does not always mean high prices, we have gifts adapted to any company budget, however large or small. The price is another factor that matters, so we offer the best possible prices.


Depending on the type of event, a type of gift or others is more convenient, for example in fairs where there are many attendees it is better to give smaller gifts. On the other hand during the holiday season at the end of the year, it is best to opt for larger gifts like baskets or lots.


What is the purpose of your business gift? attract more customers, enhance your brand image, build customer loyalty or sell more. Depending on your objective you should be more or less precise with the type of gift.


Offering a business detail generates confidence and good image, so you always have to bet on top quality brands such as those we have in our online store.

Brand image

Do not forget to attach your logo, phrase, slogan or contact information. Boosting your company's brand with a gift is an idea that will differentiate you from other companies.