Gourmet Large Selection Case 1
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Gourmet Large Selection Case 1

A great gift for a great person

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Great choice of our most select products

Without a doubt, if you want to make a great gift, with top quality products, this is your case. An exclusive selection of our best products. Extreme quality products, so if you are willing to give this batch, you can be sure that you will give in the center of the target, a gift that will never fail, do not hesitate if you have to give a good gift, because giving away one of the best gourmet cases available in our catalog at an unbeatable price.

This great gourmet batch is composed of:

  • 1 Great wine: Arzuaga Crianza, a wine with the Ribera del Duero Denomination, 100% Tempranillo grapes. In sight it offers a dark cherry red color with purple hues. In the mouth it is a wine that is very aromatic and complete. It has a balsamic flavor reminiscent of berries. It is a wine that can be accompanied with meats of all kinds, cheeses and sausages. Without a doubt, a top-class wine, very worthy of this great case. 75cl bottle.
  • Acorn-fed Iberian Loin: Made with loins of pigs that graze freely in the Extremadura meadows, pigs that feed exclusively on plants, roots and acorns during the motanera period. Its meat is noble and fat-free. It has a cure of at least 120 days. Pieces seasoned with salt, paprika de la Vera, natural spices and garlic. A mouthful of flavor that melts on the palate. It is presented in half a piece of between 500 and 600 grams approximately.
  • Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón: Made with lean meat from grass-fed pigs and acorns, a delicacy from Extremadura that we put at your disposal in this large batch. Piece of 650 grams approx.
  • Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo: Made in an artisanal way with lean Iberian pork, fed on grass and acorns, in our Extremadura pastures. Piece of 650 grams approx.
  • Picos Deliex: Tender and crunchy to accompany each bite of these delicacies.
  • Large gift box: Hard cardboard box, stamped brown - beige and red ribbons. The case has a built-in handle for easy portability. In the case we add decorative grass, which in addition to decorating, has the function of holding all the products and protecting them in turn.

         - Measurements: Width: 10.5 cm - Length: 36 cm - Height: 34.5 cm.

You can add a personalized note or card with a message or dedication inside the case, totally free.

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