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Iberian shoulder (Pig)
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Iberian shoulder (Pig) Iberian shoulder, pigs farmed in the grassland of Spain. It cured slowly in natural cellar to reach their great taste. This product has a mild and exquisite flavor. Also, it has a strong texture in the cut, uniform red color, interspersed by the characteristic marbling of fat that provides a unique texture and bouquet. Product of great gastronomic interest. Piece weight 4-5,5 kg approx. 10.50 €/kg
Iberian ham of bellota (acorn fed) boned and polished (in vacuum)
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Iberian ham of bellota (acorn fed) boned and polished (in vacuum) Iberian ham of bellota. Also, it's boneless, polishing and vacuum packaging. This product is polished outer rind and fat, by feeding on acorn, in the composition of oleic acid predominates ham, olive oil characteristic. It's rich in vitamins and minerals: Provides folic acid and vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E. Calorie diets: 50 grams of Iberian ham contribute only about 150 kilocalories. 46.05€/kg
Cellar ham
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Cellar ham This product has a slow healing and natural, clean cut, without crust. It has a intense red color. Oreo stabilizing lean and fat, where in the aromas and taste fixing peaks bouquet. It contains all the elements needed for good nutrition. Healing: 12 months approx. 7,34€/kg
Iberian ham D.O Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain)
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Iberian ham D.O Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain) Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura (Spain). It´s the best bait ham. Nature Iberian, this product is a jewel of haute cuisine. Unique pieces, carved in the solitude of the winery from pigs reared in freedom of the pasture, a ham exceptional high quality supported by their label DO Dehesa de Extremadura. D.O. protected and recognized by the EU to certify the origin and quality of the hams and shoulders. The weight of this ham is between 6 and 8.5 kg approx. 35.07€/kg
iberian ham estirpe black 5 acorns featured gourmet gifts
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Buy acorn-fed Iberian ham Iberian acorn-fed ham with more than 8 kilos of weight, guaranteed and certified by the Spanish certification and independent inspection entity CERTICALITY, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for RD 993/2014. Iberian acorn-fed hams 50% Iberian breed, this Iberian acorn-fed ham is shipped wrapped in cotton mesh and ham box, for the purchase of this ham we send it to your home for free in 24 hours, or to the direct recipient if you want to make a great gift . The acorn-fed Iberian ham piece is over 8 kilos. Iberian acorn-fed ham brand 5 IBÉRICO

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