Gift box with wines, creams of cheese and pates
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Gift box with wines, creams of cheese and pates

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Buy gift box with wines, creams of cheese and pates

We present a great lot with gourmet products to give on any occasion, the case is made up of 2 bottles of Ribera del Guadiana wine, an assortment of pates, and several cream cheese jars Extremeño. A fantastic gift that will not fail, why ... who does not like good food?

Details of the contents of the box:

  • 1 Bottle of wine Talk about Silence: A fleshy, powerful wine with balsamic aromas, minerals, ripe fruit. Cherry color with violet tones. Intense and complex aroma, with aromas of cherry, blackberry, mint, pepper and graphite. To the taste it is persistent, a sweet and fresh wine, a flavor reminiscent of fruits and chocolates of cherry liqueur. It has a 6-month aging in French oak barrels. 75cl capacity.
  • 1 Bottle of wine Speaks of the Earth: A wine from the land of Extremadura, garnet color, has a purplish-colored edging that makes it served in the glass bright and clean. On the palate it is a very fresh wine, whose flavor reminds of the pomegranate, leaving an aftertaste that makes you want to drink again. Its aroma reminds of the tomato leaf, anise and chamomile flower. 75cl capacity.
  • Pate de Perdiz de Monte: A delicacy from the bush to the table, enjoy this wonderful partridge pate with an intense but delicate flavor at the same time ... a delight in a can of 140 grams.
  • Deer Pate with Boletus: The fantastic flavor of the meat of the deer combined with boletus, give this pâté a smooth and unparalleled flavor that can not be missing from your table, it comes in a 140 gram tin.
  • Pate de Jabalí with Pedro Ximénez: A delicious pate made exclusively with the best wild boar meat from Extremadura, combined with raisins and Pedro Ximénez wine, this mixture gives the pâté an exclusive and unique flavor. It contains 140 grams.
  • Cured Ham Cream: Delicious cured ham cream, from the best pigs of the Dehesa Extremeña, is presented in a tin with 250 grams of pâté.
  • Blue cheese cream: Cream of blue cheese presented in a glass jar of 110 grams, the authentic taste of blue cheese ... intense and tasty.
  • Cream Cake: A delicatessen from Extremadura, of the best cakes from La Serena, this great cake cream is made with an intense flavor that you will not forget. They contain 110 grams of cream of cake in glass jar.
  • Goat cheese cream: This glass jar contains 110 grams of the best goat cheese cream, if you love cheese, you can not miss this dish on your table.

Measures of the 56x34x10 case, contains decorative grass that, apart from exercising the function of decorating, protects the products from any blow and keeps them always placed in the same position.

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