Box big gourmet for present
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Box big gourmet for present

Box big Gourmet for present 6.

Great economical gift case and the best local produce. It contains everything needed to be a great gift gourmet.

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Box big gourmet for present 6

It contains:

Cream of cheesecake DELIEX (110gr): Cheesecake perfet for all these cheese lovers.

Cream of cheese  DELIEX (11O GR): for the most demanding palates and about all for all these people  that they like the cheese.

Pheasan pate terrine with truffles (120 gr): pate gourmet for the best occasions. Content very low in cholesterol.

Pate of oberic secret (120 gr): Made in from of the best meat of the pic iberic and extra virgin olive oil.

Jam strawberry (250 gr): exquisite jam straweberry, handcrafted by purely traditional forms.

Jam orange with rosemary honey (250gr): A peach with rosemary honey a handcrafted by purely traditional forms.

Bottle of extra virgin olive oil "La Chinata" (250ml.): This oil mainly highlights the yellow with green traces. In addition, it tastes very nice (for neither bitter nor pica) and its smell is very steady and ripe fruit.

Sherry vinegar bottle "La Chinata" (250ml.): This vinegar is ideal for dressing salads and vinaigrettes. It can also serve as a flavoring of different foods.

A great gift box with which you can surprise anyone.

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