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Wedding fans

48 PAI PAI with Organza Bag and Custom Wedding Cards.
€44.75 -10%
Tax included
Pai Pai celebrations pack + Bags + Cards. Thought to distribute among the attendees of weddings, baptisms and communions, reminder among the guests during the banquet or a detail to support the Mass in the middle of August in the best possible way. It contains: Organza bag: 11 x 20 cm Pai pai of varied colors: the pai pai will be sent assorted unless otherwise. Custom cards
110 Pai Pai with Organza Bag and Personalized Card | Event Gifts
€81.05 -10%
Tax included
Pai Pai for Weddings, with Organza Bag and Card Detail for ladies, guests, guests at weddings, details for major events and fairs. There are many situations in which you can give these Pai pai to your guests, clients or friends in meetings. This pack is composed of: 110 Country Country: Usually shipped in assorted colors. 110 Organza bags: elegant, semi-transparent in white. 110 Custom Cards: Suitable for any type of event.

The best fans for weddings

Find our fans for weddings prepared for the perfect occasion, they are a perfect gift and complement for summer weddings or hot seasons. A fan is a very popular accessory especially in the first hours of the event, in which they help us withstand the heat and give style to those who use it.

Cheap wedding fans

We consider that the price of the fans should be economical, so we offer you the best fans for cheap weddings in this section, so you can enjoy them for a price according to the quality you are looking for.

Wedding gift fans

It is common to offer your wedding attendees a detail such as fans. It is possible that many guests do not carry a fan, so you can go ahead and give them one to hit.

How to present the fans as a gift?

This type of gift, if you decide to buy and give in your wedding fans you can choose two options. The first is to give away the raw fan, that is, without presentation, just the fan in hand. As a second option, we can choose to elaborate the present a little more and store it in an organza bag or perhaps in linen like the ones we have on this website.

If you decide to buy organza bags with your fan you can add a personalized card with a message for free, or perhaps with your names and a photo or the stamp of your event.

Why buy wedding fans?

Mainly for two reasons, they are a very useful and versatile article that we can easily transport in a bag or bag and also for its price, which is quite cheap and allows us to have a detail without increasing too much the cost for gifts.

Types of wedding fans

Within the wide range of fans, there are multiple varieties and models, being able to find a type of fans that vary by size, format, design, colors and many other factors. There are fans decorated with vintage motifs and others that can be customized.

We can also find fans of different materials such as plastic or pvc fans with cloth that are usually the cheapest, on the other hand we also have fans with wooden rods and higher quality fabric that are usually somewhat more expensive but in terms of Quality make a considerable difference.