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Elegant case for wines.
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Elegant case for wines. A gift box for wines, that you can combine with 3 of the wine that you love in ours shop. You can personalized your gift with the wine for you recipient.
Gift Pack big
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Gift Box We present this beautiful and elegant gift box. The colour of this product is black. This gift box is ideal for introducing a set of products (gourmet, pates, meats, cheeses, wine, oil, honey, dietary products, cosmetics, etc.).
Buy medium gift box
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Medium gift box This box is specially designed to introduce a lot of gourmet products. Also, it has three departments so that the products are securely in the box. This box has a special accessories were you can enter up to three bottles of wine or oil.It has a very stylish with the main cover design in shades of gold, the sides and the back cover in gray and black tones and an inscription which can be read "Gran selección gourmet". Also, it has an elegant lace shaped handle for easy and comfortable transport.
Gift Box (Small)
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Gift Box (Small) We present this elegant gift box. It's specially designed to introduce a lot of gourmet products, wines, oils, spreads, meats, cheeses, etc... You can choose all the products in our store and we introduce the products in this fabulous gift box.The inside and the outside of the box has a very dark brown with fine black traces. Also, it has an elegant handle in black.Dimensions:Width: 8.5 cm.Length: 19.5 cm.Height: 34 cm.
Wine pack (3 bottles)
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Wine pack 3 bottles We present this beautiful and elegant wine box. The colour of this product is brown. This wine box is ideal for introducing three bottles of wine. In addition, for easy and convenient transportation has a handle.Dimensions: 36,5cm x 28cm x 9,5cm

Gourmet gift basket

You can choose the gift box or basket you want and add the gourmet products, cosmetics, hams, sausages, honey, etc.) that you like best. We prepare it and ship at no additional cost. Both gift boxes and our baskets are a great Christmas, birthday or ideal thank you gift. In addition, we can include a card with the dedication that the recipient of the gourmet gift basket receives. We are really convinced that the recipient of the gourmet basket will not forget this particular and original gift.

Making a gift goes beyond choosing what we are going to give. It is necessary that we also choose the basket, box or how we will wrap that gift. Regardless of whether the gift is for a large company or small event such as an anniversary, you have several options of boxes and baskets. For that reason, read on and learn how to choose your gift box. So choose your basket or gift box and surprise whoever receives it.

Both in companies and in all kinds of situations, there are various dates in which baskets or gift boxes are usually given to workers or relatives. In Gourmet Gifts Online we offer all kinds of baskets for companies, as well as details for companies in which you can include a lot of sausages, goutmet gifts, cosmetics or any other element of your preference.

The best option, a personalized gourmet basket

When Christmas is approaching, it is very common for all types of businesses to reward their workers with business baskets, although not many of them acquire it personalized. However, this is the best alternative to which you can resort, not only because you will have absolute control of the price of your business baskets to be able to choose the products you want to carry, but because depending on the company it may be interesting to choose a type of products or other.

For example, in a cosmetic business, it would be a good idea to choose a basket with various quality cosmetics, and in a butcher shop, placing several sausages in your company basket is undoubtedly the best option.

Customize your business baskets with a message

In addition, the possibility of being able to place a personalized dedication to your business baskets offers each one of your employees the feeling that this business gift has been specially dedicated to him, and he will feel valued within his company, which will translate in a better performance in your job.

Baskets for celebrations and events

But not only are company baskets that you can make and purchase in Gourmet Online Gifts, but being a customizable product you can use it for any other type of celebration, such as a birthday basket, or a thank you basket for anyone You need me to receive a special gift.

Trust our online store to find the perfect gift, and remember that if you have any questions you just have to call us or send us a message from our contact form.

Keys to choose the gift baskets

Although for many people the choice of the gift box or basket is not of great importance, the truth is that this small detail is part of the gift. For that reason, if you take a few seconds in the election you can make the gift totally pleasing to the person. How to choose it? Taking into account the following keys can be of great help:

1) Know the person: This does not mean that you have to do an interrogation of each of the people you want to surprise with a gift. But, it would be helpful to know what types of tastes they have.

2) That money is not an impediment: The important thing when giving a gift should not be money, the box or the basket has several price. The choice of this should depend on whether it is according to the person you want to give it to. See it as a way to express interest

3) Personalize your gift: To personalize the gift, on our website you will get a wide range of products, boxes, baskets and in addition to dedication cards.

The presentation and packaging of a gift are very important, for that reason, do not take it lightly. Here on this website, it turns out to be very easy.

Where to buy baskets or gift boxes?

Here you can buy gift baskets online at a great price. Among the options we have, you can choose gourmet gift baskets or basket with the products that are of your choice. In particular, we have cases for red wine, craft beers, boxes for batch with ham, small, medium and large gift boxes.

Both in companies and in other types of events, on this website we offer you all kinds of basket so that you can deliver the best gift to family members or workers. Once you choose the box or the basket, you can choose what to fill it with (gourmet products, cosmetic products, among others), this results