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Original gifts

Trampal Red Wine
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Fora d'estoc
2 reviews
Trampal Red Wine Type: Red wine aged in wood 13% VolAppellation: Wine of Extremadura (Spain).Grape Variety: Tempranillo and Garnacha.Production: Fermentation controlled between 26-28 º C (maximum of 20 days). A period of 14 months in stainless steel tanks. After that, it spend 12 months in American oak barrels.Tasting notes: Cherry colour with garnet edges. Content: 75 cl.
Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box)
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15 reviews
Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box) Our Rabitos Royale are the finest mediterranean figs, filled with our truffle liquor cream and covered with a delicate layer of chocolate. Ingredients: Dried Figs (45%); truffle filling (40%) (Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavour: vanilla) (Chocolate contains cocoa solids 54% min.), cream, brandy liquor (3%), glucose syrup, sorbitol; Coating (15%) (Sugar, semi-skimmed cocoa powder, fractionated vegetable oil, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, flavour: vanilla). Contains soya and milk products. May contain nut traces. Content: 16 uds.
Dulce Eva Wine
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Dulce Eva Wine Type of wine: White semi-sweet. Variety: 100% Eva Saints. Cellar: Cooperativa Virgen de la Estrella Appellation: Wine of Extremadura Harvest: 2012 Country: Spain Tasting notes: - Nose: Fruit (grapefruit, apple and tropical) and floral (geranium). - Palate: Sweet. For a time, it leaving a memory of fruit. - Alcohol: 10%.It is recommended to consume around 6 or 7 degrees.

The most original gifts

Find in this section the best original gifts you are looking for, a variety of original and unique gifts.

What is an original gift?

A gift is an object that is given to another person to congratulate them on an event or in gratitude for some cause, without expecting anything in return. But the original gifts are much more than that.

The original gifts must be unique and always try to convey a message of love, admiration, gratitude, etc., always with the relevant originality. For example, if a son buys a gift from his mother on Mother's Day, he tries to convey the affection and admiration he feels towards her, or we can also find ourselves in the case of needing special medical attention, and by We give this gift to that doctor who has treated us so well, in gratitude to him.

We can also find other cases in which these gifts are made by mere tradition or custom, without the need for any feeling in between, or by getting something in return, such as when you go to a store and offer you a gift for buying 2 or more units of a product.

We prefer to keep the original and sentimental gifts, those gifts that are made from the heart, that you enjoy just seeing the other person excited to receive it, that leave us with a feeling of satisfaction, many times greater than the value of the gift in Yes, we talk about that gift you give your son for his birthday, to a friend for his faithful friendship, to your grandparents for celebrating 50 years of happiness together, to a teacher for that careful attention and dedication with your little one, to your couple because although everything is not rosy at times, you know that deep down you could not live without that person, a doctor or that lawyer who has helped us out of a critical or difficult situation for us.

What kind of original gifts can we offer you?

In our online store, you can buy original gifts of all kinds, but our strong point, are original gifts of all kinds such as food products and cosmetic products.

We make original gifts to suit you, both in tastes and in budget, you can create a novel combination with, for example, a bottle of wine, a cheese, some special pate, and a bottle of quality oil, or with jams, chocolates, Gourmet products of all kinds, spirits ...

Buy original gifts online

We try to have products that are not easily found in conventional supermarkets and other online stores, so that the gift surprises as much as possible to the person who receives it for its originality and exclusivity, in addition, it is worth highlighting the quality that everyone has and each one of them.

The same goes for products focused more on female audiences as cosmetics, we work with renowned brands, such as Chinata, a company characterized by the excellent quality of its products, which sweeps where it goes, with a range of elaborate natural cosmetics with olive oil, products that everyone who tries it, repeats, and we know it from our own experience and of course, by the comments and ratings of our most loyal customers.

Can you dedicate your original gifts?

Yes, of course and simple, whether 1 gift or 50 you want to buy, with us you will always have the option to add an original personalized card for each of them, with the message or dedication you want, so, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings or gratitude in the case of not being able to do it personally.

In short, that would be of our life without living with the illusion of making an original gift to that special person for you or in the same way, if you ever had the pleasure of receiving a gift, especially if it is unexpected and little seen.

Do not hesitate, if you feel it, do it! And we are here to help and advise you with a large selection of original gifts to fit your ideas and budget. Because there is nothing more beautiful than giving or being given away!