Gourmet Packs, packs for gifts of companies with gourmet products

Gourmet Baskets

Gourmet gift basket 2
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Gourmet gift basket 2 This small gourmet basket is a great option to acquire high quality products. A batch of composite products to enjoy in the kitchen and at the table, highlighted by an exquisite elaboration.
Lot Christmas special for gift
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Lot Christmas special for gift Lot gourmet gift products for companies or celebrations. The pack contains a selection of products in our store more venidodos, presetados elegantly in our gift box with dimensions of 8.5 cm wide x 19.5 cm long x 34 cm high.
Lot of gift for companies
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Lot of gift for companies New basket holding company or to give away. This gift set includes many hot and new products valid for the Christmas season. Regala this case Deliex brand products and Cava Jaume Serra Brut 37,5 cl at a single price.

Buy Gourmet Baskets

These gourmet baskets have become the preferred option for companies to give to their workers and families. With the purchase of these baskets of gourmet products you will be giving the best product selection that will make you discover new culinary sensations. This gift is not only surprising for the right product selection, but also for the way it is presented.

Reasons to give gourmet baskets

Gourmet baskets are the original gifts, ideal for gifts at the company or any other event. For what reason? We can summarize the reasons in 4:

1. They are composed of carefully chosen products, in which you can enjoy exquisite ingredients. They are prepared by companies with a great experience in gourmet products.

2. We offer gourmet cases at a unique price. Many people think that every gourmet product must be expensive, but that is not the case. The difference between gourmet products and normal products is not the price, but rather the quality and exclusivity.

3. They are products that are considered artisanal, because the ingredients are from careful production processes.

4. The last reason has to do with the ability to make those who consume them experience new flavors. It helps to discover totally different new culinary sensations.

What products contain gourmet baskets?

These original gourmet baskets are composed of very varied and exquisite products. You will get among the great variety, the following products

Bottle of white wine with D.O Rueda brand Mancera (75 cl).

Wine bottle Talk about Silence.

Marqués de Carrión Crianza wine (75 cl).

Iberian loin with bait paprika (550 g approx) vacuum packed.

Iberian Secret Pate.

Pickled mussels.

Iberian Acorn-fed Horseshoe Chorizo ​​(300 g approx).

Iberian acorn-fed Herch Salchichón (300 g approx).

1 x can of stuffed squid in its ink (115 g).

1 x glass bottle of Bonito del Norte with extra virgin olive oil (230 g).

Wedge of Cured Sheep cheese (250 g).

Sliced ​​bait ham (125 gr).

These are just some of the products that contain these cases. Product baskets may vary depending on the person you wish to entertain. For example, you will get cases with wines and sausages, while others with only spreads and oils. However, most of the cases are already previously selected, but if you want a specific product, you can choose it and put together your own gourmet baskets.

Where to buy gourmet baskets?

Currently, giving away a case of gourmet products is considered one of the most original and practical gifts. On our website you can buy gifts for your company's staff or for any other event where you want to give baskets of gourmet products.

In addition, we can include a card with the dedication of your choice. The recipient of this gift cannot easily forget.

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