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Kraft paper bags for gifts

Paper bags are the most used on a daily basis by all citizens. They are the perfect option for businesses and companies due to their load capacity, resistance and sustainability. Good paper bags have great weight resistance capacity.

At Regalos Gourmet Online we have different types, colors and measurements available in all kinds of bags. From the most used kraft paper bags to the well-known organza bags used to present gifts.

kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are ideal for transporting food, shopping or gifts for birthdays or events. The bags are made of paper, which although it may not seem like it at first glance, is quite resistant, being able to withstand several kilos of uniform load.

Without a doubt, it is a more ecological alternative to plastic bags and at no higher price. In our online store they are available in kraft, white and black.

Why choose kraft paper bags?

One of the main benefits of this type of bags, we mentioned at the beginning, is that it is a 100% ecological product. The use of this type of materials compared to other more harmful ones such as plastic significantly improves the environment.

If you are a person committed to the environment, do not hesitate and choose our kraft paper bags and their large number of advantages.

These bags are perfect both for everyday use and purchasing products in a conventional supermarket, as well as to complement the gifts for your celebrations and make it easier to transport and store the details chosen for your guests.

Organza bags

Organza bags are made with a light silk or cotton fabric, which stands out from other bags due to its transparent appearance. Being transparent, it is very suitable for storing cosmetic or food products. We have created packs with this type of bags and miniatures of pâté or cheese accompanied by wine that have a very successful presentation.

Wine bottle bags

Wine bottle bags, multi-purpose bags, highly elegant, reusable and recyclable. Good for you, good for the planet. It also has reinforced handles and gussets so you can transport your products comfortably. Very useful to give as a gift at events, celebrations or on a birthday accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

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