FAQ: Most common questions and answers. Product customization

1) What customization options do you have?

Only two and they are exclusive:
1) With our models of cards or stickers (see questions 2 and 4).
2) With an image or photo of you (see questions 3 and 5).

2) Where can I see the models of cards and stickers that you have?

By clicking here.

3) Can I attach my photo?

Yes, you can attach an image. Images with good quality and that adapt to the card formats.

4) What information do I have to fill in if I choose a model you have?

You must write name / names, event date and the code of the card that appears in the catalog. They are numbered from 1 to 18 and depending on the event, they can be Weddings (BOD), Baptisms (BAU), Communions (COM), Birthdays (CU) and Company (EM): Examples: 1BOD, 2COM, 3BAU, 4CU or 5EM. In this case, you should not attach photos to your order.

5) What information do I have to fill in if I decide to attach a photo or image?

You must attach the image, write name / names, date of the event. In this case, you should not write any information regarding our models of cards or stickers.

6) How do I save the personalization so that it stays in the order?

Once you have filled in all the information, you must save the product by clicking on the blue button. Then you can add as many units as you need to the cart.

7) Are the cards free?

Cards are free when you buy 24 product packs or more. As many as products you buy. If you buy 50 packs we will give you all 50 cards! Note: Our free cards have our miniature logo on the back.

8) Can I buy more cards?

We give you as many cards as packs you have bought (See question 7). If you need more, you can buy them by adding the product personalized cards separately. They have a cost of € 0.10 with our logo on the back or € 0.20 without our logo.

9) Are the stickers free?

No, the stickers have a cost of € 0.20 per unit.

10) Can I buy stickers for any product?

Our stickers are generally thought for bottles of wine in any format and beer bottles. Products that are too small, such as jams, patés, 30 gr or 110 gr honeys are not personalized with stickers. Some formats of olive oil or certain cases can be customized, but it is necessary that you contact us first.

11)Are the stickers attached to the products?

No. The stickers are sent to you cut and prepared so that you can stick them as you prefer.

12) Does an order with personalized cards or stickers delay shipping time?

Delivery times are not delayed under normal conditions. The transit time for custom orders is 1 week in normal season and 2 weeks in high season (December, April, May, and June).

13) What if I make a mistake when customizing the product?

We strongly recommend that you check the information before ordering. If you make a mistake in typing the data, any misspelling, dates or any information we cannot be held responsible. If your order has not yet left you can inform us of the incident so that we can correct the error. If your order has already left our warehouse, you will have the option of requesting them again, taking care of the transport and printing costs.

14)What if the personalization information was not filled in or was not saved correctly?

You may not need the cards or you may have forgotten to put them away. In this case, our designer will contact you by phone or email and will have the possibility to complete the personalization information. If our designer is unable to contact you within a reasonable time, your order will be shipped unopened.

15) Is it possible to see my personalized card / sticker design in real time?

No. Currently it is not possible to visualize in real time how the card you want to design for your event looks like. You can see our models and choose the one you like the most (see question 2) or upload your own designed image / photo (see question 3).

16) Do you still have doubts?

Ponte en contacto con nosotros por email, chat o teléfono.