Deliex case silkscreened with phrases (3 different models)
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Deliex case silkscreened with phrases (3 different models)

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Buy Deliex case silkscreened with phrases (3 different models)

The result of an elegant design in combination and collaboration of our social network followers, we finally bring you the Deliex screenprinted case with up to three models with phrases in spanish / without a phrase to choose and customize your details and gifts for events.

Now you can take your gift to another level with these original and elegant baskets. The best continent to add your favorite gourmet products.


With a sufficient capacity as for example to introduce two bottles of wine of 18,7 cl plus a jar of pate, or a bottle of 37.5 cl with a jar of jam, it is also possible to combine as many products as jams of different formats and sizes, honeys, patés, oil among the many products we have for your gifts.


It has dimensions of 25 cm long x 14 cm wide x 7.5 cm high


It has a background pattern of dark colors on a scale of grays and blacks.

In the upper-central part there is an image of a Dehesa de Extremadura, decorated in the center with a rain of ideas from words derived from our most important products, making the shape of a Cheff cap.

The Deliex logo appears on all cases on the lower and upper sides.

And the same two phrases on the sides, which vary depending on the case you choose, but you can also choose without a phrase. It depends on you :)


  • Ref 01818-1: Case without phrase on the sides
  • Ref 01818-2: Case with phrase in spanish: I had a sweet side and I ate it
  • Ref 01818-3: Case with phrase in spanish: Good food, good wine, good company, great moments

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