Lot of gastronomy with Tiara wines, selection of gourmet patés and jam for Christmas
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Lot of gastronomy with Tiara wines, selection of gourmet patés and jam for Christmas

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Buy gift box gastronomy with Tiara wines, selection of gourmet patés and jam

A gift box, a detail presided over by Tiara wines and with selection of pâtés and marmalade.

We bring you the next batch of products for Christmas, birthdays or any type of gift, betting on the quality and variety of gourmet items.

Content of the gift basket

The next batch consists of two bottles of wine from the distinguished Tiara house, along with several pats from La Chinata and a delicious and nutritious natural strawberry jam from Deliex.

Bottle of Semi-Sweet White Wine Tiara 75 cl

Made with the grapes characteristics of Eva from Los Santos de Maimona in Badajoz, a variety that comes only from this land. A wine from the Land of Extremadura, which due to its climate and conditions make this wine a product of proven quality. Glass bottle

✅ At sight: Yellow color with white tones, green shines.
✅ To taste: A precise blend between sweet and sour. The nose reminds the olfactory phase.
✅ To the nose: To the nose it has certain fruit tones, like grapefruit, apple, exotic and floral fruits.

Bottle of Red Wine Tempranillo Tiara 75 cl

Traditionally made with variety Eva de Los Santos. It came from the Land of Extremadura. A red wine worthy of admiration, very careful and tasty, fleshy and certainly distinguished. It comes in a glass bottle.

✅ At sight: Reddish color and with violet glitters.
✅ To taste: Great harmony between tannin and acidity. The aroma reminds the nasal phase.
✅ To smell: The mixture predominates and presence of red fruits, licorice and balsamic plants.

Pot with Iberian Secret Pâté with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata 120 gr

The elaboration is made with the best Iberian pork meats and extra virgin olive oil, with a full and intense flavor: harmonious in the sensations, with a prolonged aftertaste and a spicy touch. Mark the differences as gourmet pate of the renowned house. Glass container

Pot with Deer Paté to Pedro Ximenez in Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata 120 gr

A delicious deer pate that results from a natural liver emulsion and the best fresh venison meat. To this is added the extra virgin olive oil paired with a sweet wine, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, a wine that brings the soft, subtle and fruity aroma that is present on the palate. Glass jar.

Pate Pheasant Pot with Truffles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata 120 gr

A pate made with the best meat from the pheasant accompanied with delicious truffles. Our pheasant pâté counts with similar characteristics to turkey or ostrich meat, that of the pheasant also remains very low in cholesterol, making it suitable for any diet.

Orient format jar with Deliex Natural Strawberry Jam 250 gr

Marmalade of traditional elaboration totally natural, made with care and with the best ripened strawberries. The fesa fully maintains its properties after making. It is a product really high in vitamin C. With our jam you can complete the perfect daily fruit dose, spreading it on toast or in other circumstances, in cakes and pies. Glass container

Large box made with pine wood

Presented all in our large wooden case,

  • Interior dimension: 35.5 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
  • Outer dimension: 37.5 x 20.5 x 10.3 cm

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98 mm x 89 mm

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