Complete barbecue set with utensils and all the spices you need.
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Complete barbecue set with utensils and all the spices you need.

A dream gift for many barbecue-loving men and women. This fantastic set of products includes everything you need to enjoy a barbecue properly. An ideal and fun gift that will make you the centre of attention at any get-together with friends or family. 

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Complete barbecue set with utensils and all the spices you need.

Looking for an original and practical gift for your colleagues, a present for your father, or even a present for yourself? We present you with a practical and original gift that you are sure to love. A box with everything you need to enjoy a perfect barbecue day. In this great box you will receive a high quantity of high quality products:  

- A 75g tin of smoked paprika from La Vera. Paprika of the highest quality and with a sweet taste. This paprika is made with the Jaranda and Bola varieties of paprika, varieties that give it its characteristic flavour. This product has a Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantees its origin and flavour. Tin measures: 8.5 cm high x 7 cm wide x 5.2 cm deep. Gluten free.

- Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml. An EVOO from the Sierra de Gata in Cáceres, from manzanilla olives. This results in a yellow oil with traces of green, whose flavour is neither bitter nor pungent. 

- Bottle of Sherry Vinegar. A mahogany-coloured vinegar with a captivating aroma, this fantastic vinegar has a Denomination of Origin that guarantees its quality. An essential condiment in your kitchen, with which to dress and season all kinds of food and meals. The vinegar comes in a 250 ml bottle format, an ideal size, which also has a nice design. 

- A waistcoat with utensils. An austere black waistcoat with all the tools you need. It has spaces to store the tools in a comfortable and simple way, and to have them quickly available. Its pockets allow you to store the trowel, the carving tool and some stainless steel and wooden tongs. It also includes other accessories such as a padded mitten and two canisters for filling ingredients. The waistcoat has a button fastening and an adjustable strap, so that it can be adjusted to fit any person. 7 Accessories. Material: Stainless Steel/ Polyester 600D.  Measurements: 43 x 60 x cm | 750 gr.

- A Himalayan Pink Salt grinder. A high quality salt that differs from the rest in taste, texture and appearance. It brings a distinguished touch to your dishes, whether meat, fish or vegetables. A salt that is extracted from mines in the Pakistani Himalayas and contains a unique blend of nutrients that is highlighted in the taste. It also comes in a double grinder that allows you to choose between two types of coarseness. Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 110 gr. Material: Glass Size: 13.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm.

- A grinder with a mix of spices for barbecues. A perfect mix for barbecues that will save you time while adding an ideal touch to your grilled meats and vegetables. The mix contains sea salt, spices (pink pepper, white pepper, garlic, chilli and oregano), dehydrated vegetables (red and green pepper) and sunflower oil. It also comes in a convenient grinder with two grinds to customise seasonings. Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 62 gr. Material: Glass Gluten Free Size: 13.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm.

- A grinder with a mix of peppers. Season to taste with this grinder with four different types of pepper to add the perfect flavour to your dishes. With a blend that includes black, white, green and pink pepper, all naturally sun-dried to keep their properties intact. In an adjustable grinder that allows you to choose between two grinds. Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 40 gr Material: Glass Ingredients: Black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and pink pepper. Measurements: 13.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm

So see for yourself what we have told you about this fantastic batch of products of a high quality and design. A perfect gift that everyone will love and that will make anyone who sees it envious - give it to friends, colleagues or family!

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